TUFS (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)

東京外語に勤務している教職員は、労働組合を築き始めました!同大学で働いている方々は、大学の職場をよりよくするように共に頑張りましょう!これからこのサイトで定期的に情報を更新しますので、時間がある時にご確認ください。なお、フェーズブックのグループも作るつもりですので、それに関心のある全ての方々、ご参加ください。ご質問などがおありでしたら、担当のルイス・カーレット(tozen.carlet@gmail.com)か松本瑞穂 (tozen.matsumoto@gmail.com) までご連絡ください。日本語もフランス語もOKです。

The 5 year rule law is still fought by some universities. It is now no longer about PT workers on fixed term contracts, but the issue is about FT time teachers on fixed term contracts. The case at TUFS involves a Full Time teacher in the French department of the university, who is being pushed out after he asked for permanent employment as the 5 year rule law allows him to.
After refusing to recognise him as a permanent employee, the university is now making up reasons to justify firing this teacher. The reasons are insulting at best: for example the university claims they need “fresh blood” for FT foreign teachers (something it of course doesn’t need when it comes to nationals).

We hope that all the people who want to see the law and justice prevail, and that includes the students of this teacher, will help us make the university follow the law.