Tozen Shane Workers’ Union signs Labour Management Agreement with Shane Corp.

Welcoming in the Reiwa era and the new President of Shane, Ishitani Yuya, Shane Workers’ Union are pleased to sign a Labour Management Agreement in what is hoped to be a new phase of improved relations between the Union and the Company.

The agreement guarantees the working conditions of union members and agrees to use Company paperwork when converting to permanent employment.

The agreement also defines a set of rules for collective bargaining which lays the groundwork for improved negotiations and a more timely and forthcoming approach from management.

While some issues remain unresolved, notably the official labour dispute and charges of unfair labour practices against union members, this agreement is a very positive step forward and the Union believes it is only a matter of time before a suitable settlement is negotiated and normal labour-management relations restored.

Court cases shine a light on Japan’s problem with paternity leave



The Japanese government wants to raise the number of fathers taking paternity leave from 2016’s 3 percent to 13 percent by 2020, but two recent court cases show how hard it can be for some fathers to take their legally mandated paternity leave — especially if difficult pregnancies complicate the situation before the child is born.

On paper, mothers and fathers are entitled to take child care leave (ikuji kyūka) at the same time for up to a year and receive two-thirds salary for the first six months and half salary for the second six months. However, eligibility depends on having worked for your current employer at least a year and expecting to be employed a year later.

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Shane Eikaiwa Issues

Shane Eikaiwa Issues

  • Are you unsatisfied with the relationship between teachers and Japanese school staff?
  • Are school counsellors truthful to you about student feedback or do they obstruct you by making inept “improvement suggestions”?
  • Does your school counsellor assign you very heavy schedules with only short breaks?
  • Are you pressured to cover days at the last minute?
  • The schedule for the next day can be changed only as late as 6 p.m the day before. Does your counsellor call you late into the night?
  • Are you treated with respect from your manager?
  • Do you have a problem with cover days?
  • Do you have a problem with additional training days?
  • Are you concerned that teacher representative only meets management twice a year and that meeting minutes are rarely seen by teachers?
  • Do you want to be enrolled in Shakai Hoken?
  • Are your troubled by the increase in insurance premiums to Interglobal from 7,000 yen to 8,000 yen a month which doesn’t cover dental insurance or hospitalisation?
  • Are you upset that teachers are only considered to be working teaching time, not the actual time in school?

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