Sofico Services Japan Union

Sofico Services Japan Union

Let’s join hands as we journey through the many miles (or kilometers) that lie ahead! Together we can end illegal firings and make Sofico a stronger firm and a better place to work!

A Sofico employee was illegally dismissed last December, a couple of weeks before Christmas. Tozen Union is fighting for his reinstatement and continues to review Sofico’s stated reasons for the firing.  Management has refused to show up to negotiations, sending a lawyer instead. They have stated on the record that our discussions are ‘not a negotiation.’ (Refusing collective bargaining is illegal.)

Join Sofico Services Japan Union, a chapter of Tozen Union, to ensure that employees have a collective voice to make Sofico Services Japan better and ensure fair treatment. We can collaborate with other unions to avoid injustice and improve our industry. We can fight together for basic improvements, including permanent employment, fair performance evaluations, genuine and concrete action by management to support us when needed; to pay overtime; and to address power harassment, bullying and discrimination.  (Incidentally, does anyone know who is our elected employee representative, as required by law?) 

Let’s travel the journey ahead together!

Contact case officer Gerome Rothman at for more information or questions you might have, or to join.          

                            Tozen Union 294 Yamabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0801