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Preschool Proprietor Pearson KK flees union, labor commission, and accountability

Preschool* Proprietor Pearson KK flees union, labor commission, and accountability

*Hanegi International Pre-School and Tsukuba International Nursery School

 [Tokyo, June 12, 2020] Last December, Principal Hirokazu Nakamura informed parents and teachers that Hanegi International Pre-School (in Shimokitazawa) would close on February 16, 2020. In other words, teachers’ jobs would be gone in two months. 

“I was gobsmacked,” says Adam S, a Tozen Union member fighting to get his job back. “I had no idea the school was having any problems. Things were just humming along, and then suddenly this!”

Tozen Union sought collective bargaining (CB) with Pearson KK, the company that owns Hanegi International Pre-School and runs Tsukuba International Nursury School.  Nakamura ignored countless union faxes, emails, and phone calls trying to set up the CB session to negotiate Adam’s return. Pearson’s refusal violates the teachers’ and the union’s constitutional rights.

When Tozen sued Pearson in the Tokyo Labor Commission, the company wouldn’t take the labor commission’s phone calls. Nakamura refuses to face his employees and even his government. 

Then, the Covid-19 crisis arrived. “They turned us out into the street like garbage,” Adam added. “Used us and threw us out into this horrible pandemic. There’s no work.”

Maybe the company simply disappeared? Nope. Tsukuba International Nursery School rolled out a new website on April 17 and announced a new after-school program for their students on April 27. Pearson appears to be doing brisk business.

Without a defendant, the labor commission will issue a ruling in October 2020. Tozen Union will not give up the fight to bring burakku kigyo Pearson KK to the table, pay Adam S. his back wages, and take responsibility for its anti-social behavior during this terrible pandemic.

Tozen Union Senior Organizer Gerome Rothman 






Tozen Daigaku Japan’s Corona Aid Programs 東ゼン大学 コロナ助成金事業


On Sunday May 24 at 2pm, we are hosting our next Tozen Daigaku.  In this edition, we will  go over  Japan’s corona aid and visa programs, with a Q&A following the talk. Check it out on YouTube livestream!

Bread & Roses: Workers of the World! Unite and Stay Home!

SNA (Tokyo) — May Day came into this world on May 1, 1886, with a general strike to win “eight hours for work, eight hours for rest, and eight hours for what you will.” Three days later, workers gathered in Haymarket Square, Chicago, and clashed with cops sent in to shut them down. At least four civilians and seven officers died. Four workers were later sentenced to death for conspiracy to riot, despite not a shred of evidence. May Day spread beyond the borders of the United States to Europe and elsewhere. Today, we see the eight-hour workday as a social norm, albeit observed more in the breech. But workers shed blood and tears to bequeath this right to us. We should devote one day a year to recognizing those heroes’ achievement and sacrifice.

Read moreBread & Roses: Workers of the World! Unite and Stay Home!

Uber Eats Survey ウーバーイーツアンケート

Tozen Union is conducting a survey of Uber Eats delivery workers. Respondents may remain anonymous. Please click the link below and participate. Also, please feel free to share this with your fellow Uber Eats deliver workers!

東ゼン労組では、現在Uber Eatsの配達員として働く人たちのアンケートを行っています。匿名でも回答できるので、是非下記のリンクからご協力をお願いします。もし知り合いなどにUber Eatsで働いている方がいれば、是非シェアしてください。

Tozen Daigaku Shakai Hoken Health and Pension Scheme 東ゼン大学 社会保険と年金制度

We will give a lecture on Shakai Hoken Health and Pension Scheme.


Date: 2020 May 17 (Sun) 14:00 – 16:00
Speaker: Louis Carlet
Livestream link:

2020年5月17日(日)14:00 – 16:00


Tozen Union Virtual May Day 東ゼン労組電脳メーデー






Against the backdrop of this nightmarish pandemic, many workers in nonessential industries face an awful dilemma – commute to work, and risk their own and the public health, or stay at home with no or far less income. As a union, we must call for the resolution of both crises, protecting health and income.

On Friday, May 1, 2020, beginning 2pm, we will hold the world’s first virtual street protest. Tozen Union will fight for two pillars for workers – corona containment and income security. Don’t ask workers to stay at home without ensuring they can pay rent and other bills. We must have both and have them now.

What the heck is a “virtual street protest”? At ordinary street protests, we raise the Tozen Union flag, wear armbands, pass out a leaflet with demands, make speeches and a series of shprehicall chants. We state our demands to the public and call out management. Tozen Union Virtual Mayday will do all that over the teleconferencing platform Zoom.

Tozen Union Virtual May Day’s overall theme is that governments and employers must take care of workers, meaning fully pay those in non-essential industries to stay or work at home and guarantee extra hazard pay to heroic essential workers on the frontlines of the war against the virus.

Workers of the world, unite in cyberspace!


Tozen Daigaku Corona and Labour Law 東ゼン大学 コロナと労働法

2020年4月19日(日) コロナ関連の労働問題と労働法について、ルイス・カーレットが解説します。

April 19th 2020, Tozen Union Senior Organiser Louis Carlet will lecture on the Corona-related issues and laws.

詳細は下記をご覧ください。Please check below for the detail.