The Interac Files – Part One – 2020 June 20

We have had eight sessions of collective bargaining with Interac. So far the company has granted two of our demands and we believe we’ve made progress on a number of other demands. 


In April 2020, one part time member was converted to full time. Previously, this member was on a “no work, no pay” system with zero pay during the summer and winter breaks.


In May 2020, during the state of emergency, Interac agreed to have our members, and other non-unionized teachers in their areas, work from home during the state of emergency.


We still have a long way to go, but we believe Interac is headed in the right direction.



Our Demands to Interac

* Full-time, permanent employment *

We believe that teachers need job security. A full-time, permanent position offers such security — no one wants to worry each April about losing their job. We demand full-time employment for all teachers who want it and permanent employment for everyone.


* Shakai Hoken *

Shakai Hoken is Japan’s health and pension scheme for employees. The employer pays at least half the premium. A teacher with Shakai Hoken ends up with better health insurance and pension than they would in the individual Kokumin Kenko Hoken and Kokumin Nenkin systems. Shakai Hoken is a necessity for those living and working in Japan.


* 20% raise and 600,000 yen annual bonus *

Many Interac teachers need to work multiple jobs. Interac should pay enough to ensure teachers can live comfortably in Japan.



* Time card *

Interac teachers often work more than their contracted hours and are pressured to underreport their hours. A time card would ensure that teachers are paid for their actual working hours.


* Prior Consultation *

ALT dispatch companies have a history of unfair discipline, sudden transfers, and arbitrary non-renewals. Time to put a stop to it. We demand management notify and receive agreement from the union before transferring, disciplining, or terminating any union member.

会社は、組合員の人事異動、懲戒処分、解雇(「契約更新拒否」など、本人の意思に反するあらゆる契約終了を含む)、また労働条件を変更する場合、事前に組合ならびに 支部に通知し、協議の上、同意を得て実施すること。

From our Labor-Management Agreement:

Tozen Union recently settled with Interac and Maxceed. In the settlement agreement, they confirmed Tozen Union members and Tozen ALTs members will not be subjected to unfair treatment due to union activity.

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