Shane Eikaiwa (including CSD)

Shane Eikaiwa Issues

  • Do you want open-ended employment and job security without the threat of non-renewal every year?
  • Do you think time spent in school should be considered work time, not just time spent in lessons?
  • Are you aware we should be enrolled in Shakai Hoken from October 2016?
  • Are you concerned that management will try to degrade your working conditions in order to offset the business cost of Shakai Hoken?
  • Do you want contract changes to be made with proper consultation with a duly elected worker representative?
  • If a union represents 75% of the workforce, then it represents all employees by default according to labour law, and the workers representative elected by the union will be recognised.Do you want effective worker representatives with real power or are you concerned that the current system of teacher representatives is ineffective?
  • Would you like to participate in collective bargaining and deal directly with Japanese management?
  • Do you think it’s unfair that the money in your pocket is worth less each year whilst the business expands and profits from your depressed wages?

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Shane Corporation and Covid 19

In March, April and May 2020, Shane Corp. took the decision to close schools in response to the novel coronavirus and the declaration of a state of emergency in Japan.

Under Japanese law and in line with social norms, companies across the country have been furloughing their employees and paying an allowance (kyugo teate), or keeping their employees busy by implementing work from home policies.

Shane Corp. decided on an entirely different approach, and has not furloughed workers or had them work from home. Instead, Shane Corp. have paid an advance, and expects the workers to either pay back the wages received, or work unpaid overtime. In effect, Shane staff were paid nothing for the closures. The company took a position to change working hours and designated holidays without the consent of the workers. This unilateral imposition is most probably illegal.

The number of members at Tozen: Shane Workers Union continues to surge as many staff have finally lost patience, and are increasingly frustrated at what they see as poor treatment.

It is the position of SWU that Shane Corp. pay 100% furlough allowance for the school closures, without any obligation to pay back or work back the money. We are prepared to volunteer to work overtime as long as it’s paid as overtime.

We hope to negotiate a sensible outcome that is fair to the staff and allows the customers to make up the lessons they missed.

We call on Shane Corp. management to negotiate earnestly and in good faith.