Shane Eikaiwa

Shane Eikaiwa Issues

  • Do you want open-ended employment and job security without the threat of non-renewal every year?
  • Do you think time spent in school should be considered work time, not just time spent in lessons?
  • Are you aware we should be enrolled in Shakai Hoken from October 2016?
  • Are you concerned that management will try to degrade your working conditions in order to offset the business cost of Shakai Hoken?
  • Do you want contract changes to be made with proper consultation with a duly elected worker representative?
  • If a union represents 75% of the workforce, then it represents all employees by default according to labour law, and the workers representative elected by the union will be recognised. Do you want effective worker representatives with real power or are you concerned that the current system of teacher representatives is ineffective?
  • Would you like to participate in collective bargaining and deal directly with Japanese management?
  • Do you think it’s unfair that the money in your pocket is worth less each year whilst the business expands and profits from your depressed wages?

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