Labor standards office to rule Chinese trainee at metal plant died of overwork

A local labor standards inspection office [in Ibaraki Prefecture] is set to recognize the death of a Chinese trainee at a metal processing factory was caused by overwork, officials said. This will be the first time that the death of a foreign vocational trainee in Japan has been recognized as a work-related accident, according to … Read more

Chinese intern death in Japan ‘very likely’ due to overwork

A Chinese intern employed in Japan under a government training program “very likely” died because he had been overworked, labour officials said Friday. The 31-year-old man worked at a metal processing firm in Ibaraki prefecture, northeast of Tokyo, and died of cardiac arrest in June 2008 after working more than 100 hours overtime the month … Read more

U.N. rights rapporteur says end foreign trainee program ‘slavery’

A visiting U.N. expert on the rights of migrants urged the government Wednesday to terminate its industrial trainee and technical intern program for workers from overseas, saying it may amount to “slavery” in some cases, fueling demand for exploitative cheap labor in possible violation of human rights. “This program should be discontinued and replaced by … Read more

Fewer foreign trainees at hospitals

The number of Japanese medical institutions and other entities accepting Indonesians and Filipinos training to qualify as nurses or caregivers in fiscal 2010 will fall sharply compared with the current fiscal year. Language problems apparently proved to be an insurmountable barrier for some. According to the Japan International Corp. of Welfare Services, only 62 entities … Read more