‘Japanese way’ costs $190,000

The boss of a multi-national English language school in Auckland has been awarded $190,000 after an employment tribunal dismissed claims he was used to being treated “the Japanese way”. David Page was stripped of his job as regional director of GEOS New Zealand at a conference in 2008 and demoted to head of the company’s … Read more

Ultranationalist ‘citizens groups’ on the march

“Get out of Japan!” “Cockroach.” “Kimchi.” Those were just some of the insults hurled at a demonstration on Feb. 21 in Tokyo’s Minato Ward. More than 100 protesters belonging to several groups describing themselves as “active conservatives” gathered in front of a building that houses both the consular affairs department of the South Korean Embassy … Read more

Woman to sue Casio for wrongful dismissal after claiming harassment by boss

A former temporary employee of Casio Computer Co. is set to file a lawsuit against the company over wrongful termination after she protested a series of harassment incidents by her superior, it has been learned. The 33-year-old former temporary worker with the Tokyo-based electronic device manufacturer will file a case against the company and its … Read more

Bar hostesses form union to combat workplace exploitation, sexual harassment

A group of women working as bar hostesses have formed their own labor union, complaining about unpaid wages and sexual harassment. Working at so-called “kyabakura” — a portmanteau of “kyabare” (cabaret) and “kurabu” (clubs) — bars as a hostess is becoming increasingly popular among young women in Japan. However, the group, which announced the formation … Read more