Chris Beardshall (left), Louis Carlet and Adam Cleeve, members of the Zenkoku Ippan Tokyo General Union, hold a news conference Thursday at the labor ministry after Beardshall and Cleeve filed a lawsuit against Shane Corporation Ltd. | DAISUKE KIKUCH

Teachers claim dismissals were invalid in suit against Shane English School

Two British language teachers who worked for Shane English School Japan filed suit Thursday against the school’s operator Shane Corporation Ltd., claiming that their dismissals were unfair and invalid.

Chris Beardshall, 46, and Adam Cleeve, 44, demanded that Shane pay their monthly salaries until the day of the case’s final judgment. The two were hired on fixed-term, one-year contracts, with annual renewals possible.

Beardshall said he joined Shane in 2003 and that he was dismissed as of Dec. 31, 2016, after refusing to sign a contract that included a drastic pay cut.“Shane decided to cut my salary by two-thirds … yet they know I have a wife and a child,” Beardshall said during a news conference held Thursday at the labor ministry

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Tozen Union Wins Precedent-Setting Negotiating Language Case Against Tokyo Gakugei University

The Tokyo Labor Relations Board on Wednesday ordered Tokyo Gakugei University to “engage in collective bargaining without insisting it be conducted in Japanese or that (the union) bring an interpreter.”

In the first case of its kind, Tozen Union and the TGUISS Teachers Union had sued the school for making negotiations in Japanese a condition of holding collective bargaining.
The university argued that talks should be in Japanese because “this is Japan” and that forcing management to negotiate in a foreign language would be an intolerable burden.

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Tozen Union Wins Berlitz Pension Suit, but …

June 17th, 2016 1:25 PM
Tokyo District Court on Friday overturned Japan’s Pension Agency’s 2011 decision rejecting Tozen member Yancey Co’s appeal to enroll in Japan’s shakai hoken health and pension scheme.

Co’s employer Berlitz Japan had kicked him off shakai hoken in 2008, after his work hours apparently fell below 30 hours per week in the wake of the global financial crisis.

The 30-hour, or 3/4 of a full timer, threshold can be found nowhere in labor law but rather in the agency’s internal memo dated June 6, 1980.

The English language instructor from Vancouver, Canada, had asked the agency to force Berlitz to enroll him but through three appeals the agency ruled against him.

Undeterred, Co sued the agency in January 2012. “I wanted part-timers to have the right to enroll.”image

After four and a half years of litigation, Tozen Union sees the Friday victory as a partial victory only.

“We insisted that the memo has no legal force and should not be used to kick someone off shakai hoken,” said Louis Carlet, an executive of Tozen Union. “We were hoping the court would declare the memo illegal. Unfortunately the judge didn’t go that far.”

Tozen Attorney Shoichi Ibuski said, “This is one step forward and we hope to use this to go further still.”

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Tozen Union wins victory over JCFL

The Tokyo Labor Commission ruled Monday morning that Japan College of Foreign Languages (JCFL, a division of Bunsai Gakuen) had illegally interfered with Tozen Union’s leafleting actions in front of the school.     Tozen Union and its JCFL Local claimed that management sent employees out to block the union from passing out leaflets and made the union look bad.

The commission ruled in favor of the union, ordering management to cease all such interference and to post a large sign apologizing to the union at the workplace for ten days.

The victory was thanks to the relentless struggle of the local.

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有关外国人 劳动问题的免费法律咨询


●工作时受伤;在上下班路上受伤;工作单位不付工资 或加班费;没有正当理由而被解雇;工作中的冲突、纠 纷;受上司欺负等等,诸如此类的问题
●无论您自己是外国人或是帮助外国人的团体,欢迎大 家从全国各地致电咨询。

东京 03-6427-5902 日语和西班牙语服务 和中文服务
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②如果您会讲日语,就用日语咨询。如果您需要中文、葡 萄牙语或西班牙语的翻译服务,请告诉我们。翻译将与您 通话。
③如果您需要的语言翻译正在接其他电话,我们稍后将回 电给您,请告诉我们您的名字和电话号码。



Dia: 29/11/2015(DOMINGO) 14~19h
●Consultas com advogados e intérpretes.
●Problemas referente ao serviço como acidente durante o trabalho, acidente de trânsito durante a rota do serviço, salário e horas extras não recebidos, demissão sem motivo, Ijime, assédios, etc. 

●O próprio estrangeiro ou a pessoa que deseja ajudar o companheiro com problemas, poderão utilizar essa consulta de qualquer lugar do país. 

●Haverá intérpretes em português, espanhol e chinês. 

★O conteúdo da consulta será mantido em sigilo★

T E L 

Tokyo 03-6427-5902 (japonês, espanhol, e chinês) 

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1 Disque o número acima. 

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 3 Caso o(a) intérprete estiver ocupado(a) atendendo a outra consulta, deixe o seu nome e telefone para retornar a ligação. 

(Advogados Responsáveis para Consulta) Equipe dos Advogados para Trabalhadores Estrangeiros 
Equipe dos Advogados sobre os problemas dos Estagiários Estrangeiros 

Migrant Kenkyu-kai

Consultas sobre las leyes de trabajo gratis por teléfono; para extranjeros.

Dia: Domingo 29 de Novienbre del 2015 14~19h
・Habra asesoramiento teléfonico por abogados. 
・La consulta y los interpretes son gratuitos. 

・Problemas como ; Accidentes en el trabajo. Sobre el seguro de accidentes de trabajo en el trayecto de la casa a la fabrica y de la fabrica a la casa. No te pagan el salario o no te pagan las horas extras de trabajo, Despido injustificado y/o despido imtenpestivo. Te tratan mal, acoso sexual. 

・Pueden llamar extranjeros o personas que apoyan a extranjeros en todo Japon. 

・Hay interpretes del idioma Chino, Portugues y Español. 

★ El contenido de la consulta es confidencial ★

Tokyo 03-6427-5902 Japones・Español ・Chino 

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1 Llame al numero telefónico que aparece arriba. 

2 Las personas que pueden hablar Japones, consulten en Japones. Las personas que desean consultar en Chino, Portugues y Español, díganle la persona que conteste el teléfono. 

3 En caso de que el interprete este atendiendo otra llamada, nosotros le devolveremos la llamada a usted. 

・Asociacion de abogados para trabajadores extranjeros
・Grupo de abogados para trabajadores aprendices 
・Grupo de estudio “imigrantes”

ABC NewsRadio Interview

ABC NewsRadio’s Eleni Psaltis presents Japan In Focus, a new program that takes a close look at significant political and cultural developments in Japan.

This week: Defining Joshi Kosei – high school girls hired for a range of controversial services for men, the US dollar hits its highest level against the yen since December 2002 and why people are consuming more meat than fish in Japan.

Eleni Psaltis speaks to Hifumi Okunuki and Louis Carlet from the Zenkoku Ippan Tokyo General Union, the Wall Street Journal’s Tokyo correspondent Eleanor Warnock and Masa Kagawa, an associate professor at the Kagawa Nutrition University.

Listen here:




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