Tozen Union ALTs win WFH in Sagamihara

[2020.4.12] Assistant language teachers (ALTs) in Sagamihara City will work from home beginning Monday 13th April rather than Tuesday 14th, dispatcher Interac KK told Tozen Union. 

The ALT dispatch giant had planned to send Tozen members to school this week, even though the city had already suspended classes. The union demanded its members work from home instead, to help fight the virus and slow the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

During 11th hour virtual negotiations, Interac management agreed to have the teachers work from home beginning Tuesday, after commuting to the workplace one time only on Monday. 

The union welcomed the concession but insisted the ALTs work from home on Monday too. “We are concerned not just for the health and safety of our members, but also anyone they could come into contact during the commute,” said Tozen Senior Organizer Gerome Rothman. Interac agreed to talk to Sagamihara about the demand and later told the school board the ALTs will stay at home.

 “We appreciate Interac management’s attention to the health and safety of its employees,” Rothman said. Tozen Union demands all employers help fight the virus by paying employees full salary to work from home. 

Sagamihara City is a 40-minute train ride from Shinjuku in central Tokyo.
To join our union and the fight-the-virus campaign, contact Case Officer Gerome Rothman at  

Bread & Roses: Worker Rights in the Age of Coronavirus

SNA (Tokyo) — Last Friday, the Covid-19 global pandemic passed the horrifying milestone of one million infections and 50,000 fatalities worldwide. There have, as of this writing, been 4,592 confirmed cases and 106 deaths in Japan. Graphs of new cases and deaths trace the left half of steep parabolas as the world’s nations fail to flatten the curve. The global catastrophe and its grim toll traps workers between the closing jaws of infection risk and dire economic straits. As US commentator Krystal Ball noted, “the working class has been shoved into the front lines of this crisis.”

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東ゼンコロナホットライン Tozen Corona Hotline


We have set up a Tozen Corona Hotline for those who face work issues related to the spread of this epidemic/pandemic. Contact the hotline below. 


Tozen Corona Hotline for Labour Issues: 050-5532-4405
(Call between 12 noon and 8pm.)





Tozen Corona Hotline for Labour Issues: 050-5532-4405
(Call between 12 noon and 8pm.)
東ゼン労組代表メール General Tozen Union email:

Tozen Union settles dispute with language school NCC

[Tokyo, March 25, 2020] Yesterday, Tozen Union inked an agreement with NCC Foreign Language Institute, settling a four-year dispute.

The union and its NCC chapter sued the language school in March 2016, claiming union-busting, including cutting teachers’ classes and firing the president of NCC Union of Teachers and Staff (NUTS). Living up to its acronym, the union fought with insane commitment to the cause, with strikes, protests, and a long, grueling fight in the Tokyo Labor Commission. 

   Management submitted some 200 exhibits to the commission. The two sides logged 14.5 hours of sworn testimony on topics ranging from the school’s scheduling system to the case officer’s favorite baseball team (Chiba Lotte Marines). 

   NCC’s legal team prevailed for the most part, and the union won only one of 10 claims. But the school faced an imminent union appeal to the Central Labor Commission and two more years of Tozen’s blend of legal wrangling and street activism. With hours to spare before the appeal deadline, NCC agreed to a broad-ranging settlement.

Coca-Cola Vending machine refillers strike for OT pay, shorter hours コカ・コーラ自販機業者が未払い、長時間労働を求めてストライキ

[13 March 2020, Tokyo] Vending Machine Industry Union members working at four Coca Cola subcontractors (Sigma Logistics, Sigma Vending Service, Japan Beverage, and Okuraya) walked out Friday and protested in front of the Sigma Group headquarters building.

We at Tozen Union supported the strike and protest, along with Tobu Roso, Katsushika District Labor Council, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Youth Union. Our unions mustered a total of 80 protestors, transcending all factional differences* and working together in true solidarity. 



東ゼン大学 5年ルール Tozen Daigaku Five-Year Rule

2020年3月22日(日) 有期雇用契約で働く労働者のための5年ルール(無期転換ルール)の落とし穴を、指宿昭一弁護士が解説します。 March 22nd, 2020, our superstar activist attorney Shoichi Ibuski will lecture on the loopholes of Five-Year Rule.

詳細は下記をご覧ください。Please check below for the detail.

予約画面 Reservation:



The Labour Ministry Publishes Information for Foreign Workers 厚生労働省が外国人労働者に対して呼びかける

厚生労働省が日本で働く外国人労働者に向けて、新型コロナウイルス感染症に関連する呼びかけを発表しました。The Labour Ministry have published information for foreign workers who live in Japan about corona virus related issues.

Tozen Daigaku: Abe’s Workplace Reforms uploaded to YouTube 東ゼン大学働き方改革の講義映像


The video of Tozen Daigaku Abe’s Workplace Reforms was uploaded to YouTube. We explain the loopholes in these ‘reforms’. Please check it out.