Zenkoku Ippan Tokyo General Union
Friday November 28th 2014

Tozen Union Sues SIT over Union Busting

Zenkoku Ippan Tokyo General Union (Tozen Union) sued Shibaura Institute of Technology (SIT) Thursday in the Tokyo Labor Commission, claiming the university had committed unfair labor practices. (more…)

Would-be NTV announcer’s fate hangs on issues of morality and fraud

Would-be NTV announcer’s fate hangs on issues of morality and fraud

This is the news: Announcers Yuriko Shimazu (NHK), Noriko Baba (Nippon TV), Tamayo Marukawa (TV Asahi), Kanae Takeuchi (TBS), Tomoko Morimoto (TV Tokyo) and Hitomi Nakamura (Fuji TV) are deployed in 2005 to draw viewers' attention to the impending switch to digital broadcasting. A court case will decide whether Rina Sasazaki can join this line-up. | KYODO BY HIFUMI OKUNUKI NOV 26, 2014 The prevalence of the employment custom of saiyō naitei (tentative job offers) may well be peculiar to Japan. As I touched upon in my March 27, 2012, column, university juniors and seniors skip class to attend work seminars, company orientations, internships and, finally, a series of tests and [...]

Shane Teachers Begin Tozen Strike Action

Several teachers at Shane laid down their white board markers on Tuesday to demand the reinstatement of an unfairly dismissed union member and to demand job security. The English language school illegally fired a teacher for leaving the school during a break. In Japan employees are 100% free during breaks. Shane also forces teachers through the humiliation and insecurity of one-year revolving contracts. Tozen Union Shane Workers Union is fighting for several demands, among them ordinary permanent employment. We are experiencing union growth at Shane and look forward to having enough members to make striking even more effective. We also reach out to Shane administrative staff to [...]

‘Maternity harassment’ verdict benefits women, men — and our humanity

‘Maternity harassment’ verdict benefits women, men — and our humanity

Victorious: A member of Mata-Hara Net, a support group for victims of 'maternity harassment,' speaks at a news conference in Tokyo after the Supreme Court's landmark ruling on Oct. 23. | KYODO Last Thursday’s Supreme Court verdict in the “maternity harassment” case brought by a physical therapist in Hiroshima was the first of its kind, overturning decades of business-friendly jurisprudence along with rulings from the district and high courts. As I mentioned in last year’s September Labor Pains (“Mata-hara: turning the clock back on women’s rights”), the word mata-hara is short for maternity harassment, just as seku-hara and pawa-hara refer to sexual harassment and [...]

Job insecurity among Japan’s university teachers is a recipe for further decline

Job insecurity among Japan’s university teachers is a recipe for further decline

Buyer's market: With the population shrinking, colleges in Japan are desperate to seize a share of the dwindling 'customer base.' | ANN AKINO Universities in Japan are caught up in a cutthroat struggle for survival. As the population of children plummets, so, in turn, does the number of college entrants. The decline is particularly stark considering that the number of universities had swelled on the back of the postwar baby boom and bubble economy. Institutions of higher learning are frantic to seize a share of the dwindling “customer base.” Universities choosing students is a thing of the past: Now students select universities. Born in the early 1970s, I’m what’s known in [...]

Shibaura Institute of Technology Workers on Strike

Today, the Shibaura Institute of Technology Workers Union both struck and leafleted the university. Five members of the union struck all three of their Monday lessons, from 1:00pm to 5:50pm. This was the first day of the new semester and thus it was necessary to explain the strike to students whom the university has not made aware of its ongoing labor dispute with non-Japanese English teachers it wishes to fire and replace with Japanese-speaking English teachers. To this end, a total of seven striking teachers and other supporters from parent-union Zenkoku Ipppan Tokyo General Union, or Tozen, leafleted the Omiya campus’s Higashi-Omiya Station bus stop from 12:20pm to 12:50pm. [...]

Target Anti-Union Ad Stars Union Members

Victory: Union Wins Labor Management Ending Labour Dispute With Gaba

Tozen and the Gaba Workers Union are proud to announce that the union and management concluded a Labour Management Agreement with Gaba Corporation on Thursday, July 24, bringing our labor dispute to a satisfactory resolution. (more…)

Tozen Continues to Grow

Founded in April 2010 with 7 locals, Tozen Union has recently reached 15 active local unions (plus two dormant ones).  Our membership has also roughly doubled during the past four years, with growth accelerating over the past 15 months. (more…)



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