Tozen Union Blast Past 200 Members with 20 Local Chapters

Saturday afternoon Tozen Union drove through an important milestone, 200 members with the approval of seven new members. This is about twice the number of members at the time of founding on April 25, 2010.  The Tozen executive also authorized the formation of two new local unions, bringing the number of local chapters to a nice round 20.

Tozen are pushing forward on several fronts, with major disputes at Gaba, Shane and JCFL. The labour union currently have five cases in the dock at Tokyo Labor Commission, including two against JCFL and one against Shibaura Institute of Technology, which may be settled soon.  

Other fights are brewing. 



●弁護士(attorneys律師advogados)による電話相談 相談料・通訳料は無料












有关外国人 劳动问题的免费法律咨询


●工作时受伤;在上下班路上受伤;工作单位不付工资 或加班费;没有正当理由而被解雇;工作中的冲突、纠 纷;受上司欺负等等,诸如此类的问题
●无论您自己是外国人或是帮助外国人的团体,欢迎大 家从全国各地致电咨询。

东京 03-6427-5902 日语和西班牙语服务 和中文服务
名古屋 052-414-5901 日语和葡萄牙语服务 (也有西班牙语服务)
大阪 06-4708―3631 日语和中文服务
广岛 050-3136-5250 日语服务

②如果您会讲日语,就用日语咨询。如果您需要中文、葡 萄牙语或西班牙语的翻译服务,请告诉我们。翻译将与您 通话。
③如果您需要的语言翻译正在接其他电话,我们稍后将回 电给您,请告诉我们您的名字和电话号码。



Dia: 29/11/2015(DOMINGO) 14~19h
●Consultas com advogados e intérpretes.
●Problemas referente ao serviço como acidente durante o trabalho, acidente de trânsito durante a rota do serviço, salário e horas extras não recebidos, demissão sem motivo, Ijime, assédios, etc. 

●O próprio estrangeiro ou a pessoa que deseja ajudar o companheiro com problemas, poderão utilizar essa consulta de qualquer lugar do país. 

●Haverá intérpretes em português, espanhol e chinês. 

★O conteúdo da consulta será mantido em sigilo★

T E L 

Tokyo 03-6427-5902 (japonês, espanhol, e chinês) 

Nagoya 052-414-5901 (japonês, português e espanhol) 

Osaka 06-4708―3631 (japonês e chinês) 

Hiroshima 050-3136-5250 (japonês) 


1 Disque o número acima. 

2 Se souber falar o idioma japonês, continue falando. Caso deseje falar em chinês, porutguês ou em espanhol, peça para chamar intérprete e faça a consulta.

 3 Caso o(a) intérprete estiver ocupado(a) atendendo a outra consulta, deixe o seu nome e telefone para retornar a ligação. 

(Advogados Responsáveis para Consulta) Equipe dos Advogados para Trabalhadores Estrangeiros 
Equipe dos Advogados sobre os problemas dos Estagiários Estrangeiros 

Migrant Kenkyu-kai

Consultas sobre las leyes de trabajo gratis por teléfono; para extranjeros.

Dia: Domingo 29 de Novienbre del 2015 14~19h
・Habra asesoramiento teléfonico por abogados. 
・La consulta y los interpretes son gratuitos. 

・Problemas como ; Accidentes en el trabajo. Sobre el seguro de accidentes de trabajo en el trayecto de la casa a la fabrica y de la fabrica a la casa. No te pagan el salario o no te pagan las horas extras de trabajo, Despido injustificado y/o despido imtenpestivo. Te tratan mal, acoso sexual. 

・Pueden llamar extranjeros o personas que apoyan a extranjeros en todo Japon. 

・Hay interpretes del idioma Chino, Portugues y Español. 

★ El contenido de la consulta es confidencial ★

Tokyo 03-6427-5902 Japones・Español ・Chino 

Nagoya 052-414-5901 Japones・Portugues (Español) 

Osaka 06-4708―3631 Japones・Chino 

Hiroshima 050-3136-5250 Japones 

1 Llame al numero telefónico que aparece arriba. 

2 Las personas que pueden hablar Japones, consulten en Japones. Las personas que desean consultar en Chino, Portugues y Español, díganle la persona que conteste el teléfono. 

3 En caso de que el interprete este atendiendo otra llamada, nosotros le devolveremos la llamada a usted. 

・Asociacion de abogados para trabajadores extranjeros
・Grupo de abogados para trabajadores aprendices 
・Grupo de estudio “imigrantes”


In Japan, adultery can cost you your job as well as your marriage

Fūkibinran. Now that is a Japanese expression you don’t see around much these days. I bet many young Japanese readers don’t even know how to read the four kanji that make up this word: 風紀紊乱.

It means something akin to “an affront to public morality,” “a breakdown in customary discipline” or, perhaps, “compromising love relations.” But there are simpler and more direct ways to render this expression in English — how about “adultery,” “cheating” or “having multiple partners”?

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Legal change will make temp purgatory permanent for many Japanese workers

Eight years ago, a TV drama about temporary workers generated a great deal of excitement around Japan. In “Haken no Hinkaku” (“Dignity of a Temp”), model-actress-singer Ryoko Shinohara played Haruko Omae, a “super-temp” who masterfully tackled the myriad troubles that arose in her ¥3,000-an-hour job. Unshakable, aloof and playing by her own rules, she performed better than any of the regular employees, refused all overtime and off-the-clock socialization, and shunned flattery and fake smiles to boot.

Unfortunately, the drama did not reflect reality. In real life, critics said, such a temp worker (haken shain) would have been fired on the spot, and regardless of skill level, temp workers tend to be seen as outsiders and are treated worse than regular workers.

On Wednesday, recent revisions to the Worker Dispatch Law go into effect. There was chaotic debate in the Diet over this bill, just as there was with the security bills, but in the end the ruling coalition dealt with it in the same way as it has other unpopular measures: by pushing it through with their majority in both chambers.

Let’s look at the details of the changes.

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Should SEALDs student activists worry about not getting hired?

Summer 2015 — 70 years since Japan’s defeat in World War II. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his ruling coalition have rammed two security bills through the Lower House that overturn decades of interpretation of the Constitution by enabling Japan to engage in collective self-defense. Now he hopes to do the same in the Upper House.

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本日、9月3日は「くみあい」(=組合)の日Today is Labor Union Day!

みなさん、知っていますか。今日9月3日は、「くみ(9・3)あい」の日です。Today is Labor Union Day! Did you know that?

労働組合は、団結がすべてです。そして、団結の根っこには「愛」がなければいけません。Solidarity is everything for a union. There must be love at the root of solidarity.

どんな職種でも、どんな立場でも、どんな人種や国籍でも、労働者は、手を携えて、仲間のために団結しなければいけません。Regardless of industry, job type, race or nationality, each worker must have solidarity with coworkers. 

「万国の労働者よ、団結しようぴょん!」と東ゼン労組の団結うさぎも言っています。Tozen Solidarity Bunny says, “Workers of the world, unite!”