Zenkoku Ippan Tokyo General Union
Sunday December 21st 2014


今天, 苹果零售的员工对管理层宣布成立工会。工会的正式名字是全国东京一般工会苹果日本支部。这个工会已经向公司提出了要求并会在不久将与公司进行谈判。 我们鼓励感兴趣的员工加入。详细请联系 apple@tokyogeneralunion.org 媒体请联系: press@tokyogeneralunion.org

Sindicalização dos Trabalhadores nas Lojas da Apple no Japão

Hoje, os trabalhadores nas lojas da Apple no Japão anunciaram à Gerência a formação de um sindicato. O nome oficial do sindicato é Zenkoku Ippan Tokyo Sindicato Geral Local Apple Japão. O sindicato apresentou várias exigências, incluindo bônus, e terá num futuro próximo negociações coletivas com a empresa. Funcionários interessados ​​são convidados a participar. Para mais informações contactar: apple@tokyogeneralunion.org Oficial do caso Louis Carlet foi citado em discurso : " Esperamos uma relação frutífera entre funcionários / gerência na Apple". Questões relacionadas com a imprensa, por favor contactar: press@tokyogeneralunion.org Este artigo [...]

Les vendeurs d’Apple au Japon forment un syndicat

Aujourd'hui, les travailleurs en magasin d'Apple Japon ont annoncé à la direction la formation d'un syndicat. Le nom officiel est la cellule Apple Japan du syndicat Zenkoku Ippan Tokyo General Union. Le syndicat a déposé ses revendications. Des négociations avec la direction auront lieu dans un futur proche. Les employés qui sont intéressés sont appelés à nous rejoindre. Pour toute information, veuillez nous contacter à apple@tokyogeneralunion.org Pour toute demande de la presse, veuillez nous contacter à press@tokyogeneralunion.org Le responsable des négociations Louis Carlet a pu dire "Nous espérons que les négociations avec la direction d'Apple seront [...]

Apple Retail Workers Unionize in Japan

Apple Retail Workers Unionize in Japan

Today, retail workers of Apple Japan announced the formation of a union to management. The official name of the union is Zenkoku Ippan Tokyo General Union Apple Japan Local. The union has issued demands and will have collective bargaining with the company in the near future. Interested staff members are encouraged to join. For more information contact: apple@tokyogeneralunion.org For press related inquiries please contact: press@tokyogeneralunion.org Case officer Louis Carlet was quoted as saying “We expect labor/management relations with Apple to be fruitful.” This article published from an iPhone.



Japan Times Staff Strikes For Higher Bonus

Editors and other staffers at Japan's premier English-language newspaper walked out Wednesday, demanding a higher winter bonus. The company between 2005 and 2009 had paid employees 1.5 months worth of bonus each winter and summer but started paying less than a month's worth in 2009. Since that time Tozen's Japan Times General Workers Union has tried to return bonuses back to its previous level. This winter, management offered a measly 0.5 months, so the union struck. The union has also sued the paper in the Tokyo Labor Commission for illegal union busting and bad faith negotiations.

Jack London’s “Definition of a Scab”

Attributed to Jack London: “After God had finished the rattlesnake, the toad, the vampire, He had some awful substance left with which He made a scab. (more…)



Tozen Union Sues SIT over Union Busting

Zenkoku Ippan Tokyo General Union (Tozen Union) sued Shibaura Institute of Technology (SIT) Thursday in the Tokyo Labor Commission, claiming the university had committed unfair labor practices. (more…)

Would-be NTV announcer’s fate hangs on issues of morality and fraud

Would-be NTV announcer’s fate hangs on issues of morality and fraud

This is the news: Announcers Yuriko Shimazu (NHK), Noriko Baba (Nippon TV), Tamayo Marukawa (TV Asahi), Kanae Takeuchi (TBS), Tomoko Morimoto (TV Tokyo) and Hitomi Nakamura (Fuji TV) are deployed in 2005 to draw viewers' attention to the impending switch to digital broadcasting. A court case will decide whether Rina Sasazaki can join this line-up. | KYODO BY HIFUMI OKUNUKI NOV 26, 2014 The prevalence of the employment custom of saiyō naitei (tentative job offers) may well be peculiar to Japan. As I touched upon in my March 27, 2012, column, university juniors and seniors skip class to attend work seminars, company orientations, internships and, finally, a series of tests and [...]

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