Zenkoku Ippan Tokyo General Union
Tuesday September 23rd 2014

Shibaura Institute of Technology Workers on Strike

Today, the Shibaura Institute of Technology Workers Union both struck and leafleted the university. Five members of the union struck all three of their Monday lessons, from 1:00pm to 5:50pm. This was the first day of the new semester and thus it was necessary to explain the strike to students whom the university has not made aware of its ongoing labor dispute with non-Japanese English teachers it wishes to fire and replace with Japanese-speaking English teachers. To this end, a total of seven striking teachers and other supporters from parent-union Zenkoku Ipppan Tokyo General Union, or Tozen, leafleted the Omiya campus’s Higashi-Omiya Station bus stop from 12:20pm to 12:50pm. [...]

Tozen Enters Dispute with AIG Group Firm

On Wednesday, Tozen Union officially entered into a labor dispute with AIG Business Partners KK, an AIG Japan group firm. Tozen Member John joined the company in 2011 on the assurance that his one-year contracts were nothing more than a "technicality" and that renewals were "automatic" unless performance was "really, really poor, bad." Assured of job security, John worked hard for three years and started a family. He also improved his performance assessment in 2013. Early this year, he complained about power harassment. Rather than investigating the accusation, management told him that he would not be renewed and that his employment ended with the end of the contract. Tozen Union [...]

Tozen Labor Union against ICC Language School

ICC外語学院に抗議する東ゼン Tozen Labor Union against ICC Language School 皆さん、こんにちは まず、東ゼン組合員ブルキッチ・スレイマンの支援に来てくださった全ての方々に感謝いたします。 スレイマン氏は有給休暇と社会保険を申請したことで、ICC外語学院に不法に解雇されました。 Hello everyone First of all, thank you to all the people who came to support Tozen member Brkic Sulejman who was illegally fired by ICC Language School after requesting paid holidays and social [...]

Target Anti-Union Ad Stars Union Members

Next Court Hearing against ICC

Our next court hearing against ICC language school will be held on August 26 at 13:10 room 502 at Yokohama district court. It wil be the last hearing, exchange of documents. In September testimonies will start. Although it's in the middle of the day and far please try to come if you can. Thank you very much. ICC外語学院を相手取った次の法廷での審理は8月26日13時10分、横浜地裁502号法廷です。 最後の審理と書面のやり取りになる予定です。 9月からは口頭陳述が始まります。 平日の日中の開催でしかも遠方ですが、可能ならばぜひお越しください。 [...]

Victory: Union Wins Labor Management Ending Labour Dispute With Gaba

Tozen and the Gaba Workers Union are proud to announce that the union and management concluded a Labour Management Agreement with Gaba Corporation on Thursday, July 24, bringing our labor dispute to a satisfactory resolution. (more…)

Tozen Continues to Grow

Founded in April 2010 with 7 locals, Tozen Union has recently reached 15 active local unions (plus two dormant ones).  Our membership has also roughly doubled during the past four years, with growth accelerating over the past 15 months. (more…)



A democratically elected rep is every worker’s legal right

A democratically elected rep is every worker’s legal right

Workers’ voice in negotiations: The lack of a freely and fairly elected workers’ rep could cost employees dearly in the long run, allowing management to alter work rules and worsen conditions with little resistance. | BLOOMBERG Last week Mr. A came to me for a labor consultation. “I have worked for Company A for nearly three years,” he said, “and recently I received an email from human resources announcing an election for workers’ rep (jūgyōin daihyō). The email said that the rep’s job would be to communicate the opinion of the workforce on any changes to work rules (shūgyō kisoku), and that Ms. B had been nominated for the post. It went on to say that if an [...]

芝浦工業大学、講師のストは、第2週に入る SIT Teacher Strike Enters Second Week

「私たちは、ストライキの第2週に入りました。学生たちからのご支援と御関心は、本当に心強いです。多くの学生から話しかけられたり、質問をされたり、ホームページを閲覧したり、諦めるなという励ましの言葉もいただきました。学生らのご支援さえあれば、失われそうな職を守るまで闘い続けられると思います。」 全国一般東京ゼネラルユニオン(略称 「東ゼン労組」) 芝浦工業大学教職員組合 執行委員長 アンソニー・ドーラン ”We have moved into our second week striking. The encouragement and interest of the students [...]

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